Thursday, March 22, 2007

Boy talk

The other day Zach looked very seriouslly at me very matter of factly and said.
"Mom, when I get big I hope God lets me be a millionare."
When I asked him why, I don't think I was quit ready for the response, in fact it just melted my heart. This is what he told me.
"Because, I can build an orphange, and buy all the kids toys to play with, and be nice to them." I was so shocked, I was just about in tears. I told him that was a wonderful plan, and hoped it would happen someday.

I'll tell you what, just when I least expect it, my kids come up with something like that.

I thank God that all my boys have some much compassion for the hurting in this world. I know that all of them will grow up and be a help to many people.


Grafted Branch said...

A great-man-for-God in the making there, M...well done!

Heather said...


Robin said...

What a wonderful thing for a mom to hear. Neat kid