Sunday, December 24, 2006

The things I saw when I walked into the boys room.

Yesterday when I came home, the boys room was a mess, as usual. I walked into survey the damage, and this is what I saw. These poor G.I. Joes were hanging. UGH! I continued on into the room, and behind the closet door, the next picture is what was hiding there. I asked Austin what happened the the "hanging G.I. Joes", he calmly told me that they had disobeyed the laws of war and were being hanged. Then I asked it the closet was a hosptial, or what, he said "no this is their beds. The hanger you see is the "lift" into the bunks. Very imaginative boys I have. They happened to use an entire box of kleenex for the beds, I sure hope the G.I. Joes were comfy.


Grafted Branch said...

ROFLOL! Even Husband is LOL!

Your boys are just like my girls..only...well, boyish, you know! How funny. I enjoyed this post a lot. Thanks for sharing it.

Liza's Eyeview said...

I love this post! Yes, you've got some wonderful imaginative boys. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Yeah, check out It's a very supportive and caring group (the parents in the message board) My screen name there is LEP.