Sunday, December 18, 2005

What a weekend.

Well, it all started Friday morning. I was so excited to go shopping. I started, not feeling well at all, I figured I was just hungry, since Thursday I'd been too busy to eat much. We ate lunch at Steak and Shake, after I'd just taken some Advil, and then I felt much better. I thought it was that I'd eaten, however, I soon figured it was not that it was the drugs. I was able to finish my Christmas shopping, which made the day seem productive. At any rate, while in Muncie I bought tickets for my husband and I to go and see Chronicles of Narnia that evening. I drove home, picked up the kids and my husband, drove the kids to the sitters and off Rob and I were for a "date night". Dates for us are few and far between. We were both so excited to go out alone. My poor husband. I couldn't even hardly eat, I had cold chills and was just a mess. Since we'd already bought the tickets, we stayed for the movie. I couldn't even stay awake, UGH!!!!, I slept through the best part, (well at least that is what Rob told me), then off to Target to buy some Nyquil. I took my Nyquil on the way home, we picked up the kids and I went straight to bed. I slept until about noon on Saturday. I felt pretty pewny all day. Then, my poor Zach started vomiting. UGH!!! God definitely helped me through the night, because I had taken Nyquil just before bedtime, and it was only about 1 1/2 hours until Zach was up, and of course he was up for a couple of hours and I was able to comfort him. Poor little guy. Needless to say we didn't make it to church. I stayed at home with the 2 little guys, I just had a hunch that Austin would be the next in line for the sickness that was passing through the house. His disposition was absolutely horrible yesterday, and lo and behold, he started vomiting while Rob was at church with Jordan. I was very thankful that I'd kept him home also. Tomorrow Mom will be at home with 2 boys, and hopeful they'll get to make it to school on Tuesday. Austin said he has to go, because he has to be in in a play his classroom that day. Zach has his Christmas program on Wednesday evening. I am in hopes that Jordan and Rob do not get what is passing, and if they do, that it will be over before the weekend. We are leaving to be with our families in the Chicagoland area on Friday.

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