Friday, December 09, 2005

I'm Back with a new name

Hello! I have not posted in a while. Here is the crazy story.

I forgot my username and password to get into my blog. DUH!!! Yes, it was extremely idiotic. I'll admit it. Then, I try to reset my password, guess what they email your password to your email address, and that has changed since I set this up, UGH!!! It was crazy. I just gave up, and today I decided to start a new blog. Yeah Ha!

Well, lots have happened since the last blog. I'll not bore you with it all.

Here is a boy story to start with. Austin, my middle son, who is only 8. He has been having little "differences" with his Best Friend, Ethan. Well, every day was a new episode for them. I would ask him how his day was, and I could tell he was quit saddened at this problem, I would try to encourage him in the situation. Well, one day he came home and when I asked how his day with Ethan was he replied "It was good, Mom, I realized that I can have a good friend and not agree about everything." WOW!!! I was quit amazed that he'd REALLY figured this out so young. If all of us could only realize this would life be so much easier. This kid of mine amazes me everyday. God has given him such a deep understanding of life's issues. I just pray he uses his talents to serve the Lord someday.

Jordan, my oldest. WOW! He is growing up so fast. He is soon to be a teenager. He is quit a young man. He is the hardest for me to parent. I think probably because his mannerisms are so much like me at times. How do you get after a kid for things that they have learned from you. Today, I was telling him to stop all the comments to his brothers (when he thinks he's helping enforce a point) and I said "hush or I'm going to have to smack you" he replies, "well, I'll just turn the other cheek" UGH!! How do you respond when you are trying to hold back the chuckles.
Zach, my baby, well, the youngest. He is doing so wonderful in school. He was in a targeted group for literacy. He was a bit behind in the begining of last year. Reason!?, he had to have glasses, and his eyesite was so poor that he was not able to distinguish between letters. He got glasses around this time last year. He had caught up to grade level by the end of the year last year. They still placed in in a target group for extra help, which was fine with me. We worked at home on some phonics also. Well, he is no longer in a targeted group. His teacher is so impressed at his improvement and his determination. Way to go Zach.
Rob has been given several oportunities to share his testimony. It has been exciting to share this with so many. Pleasant Hill Church here in Union City has taken on our bus ministry. That is such a blessing to us. I love to see all the kids still.
We have been attending Pleasant Hill Church the past few weeks. It is quit different for us. We are used to a more contemporary style of worship. It is definately traditional. We really enjoy the church though. The pastor and his family are wonderful people. I feel like the pastors wife will be able to "mentor" me in so many things. I am very excited that God has placed them in our path.
It is so wonderful to realize the absolute soveriegnty of God. WOW! God has revealed so much to us this past year. Everyday I'm reminded in some way of the absolute grace of God. I still am in awe that he has chosen me.
Yesterday was the first BIG snow of the year. I couldn't really say the amount, because I don't know. Alot is what I'll say. The boys did nothave school today, and Rob did not have to go to work. They boys played in the snow most of the day. We've gone through lots of hot chocolate when they would come in to warm up, dry the clothes and go out again. It has been a nice day.
Christmas is quickly approaching, and I'm not ready yet. Like always. I will be shopping on the 16th. Looking forward to that day.

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Karen said... was great to hear news on your new blog! I checked your old blog every day. Yes...I did renew your movies! ;) I'm so glad you're back!