Sunday, December 11, 2005

Christmas Cards

I just used an enitire roll of film to take pictures of the boys for Christmas cards. Now to get them developed and then pick one to make into the cards and of course order them. You ask why wait until the last minute? Just because I can, I guess, no real reason. I do think I got some good pictures of the boys, and of course the dog. She just got in there with them and sat nice and still. I'm quit anxious to see how the turned out. Now, will they be sent before Christmas this year. No one knows. My guess is no. The last 2/3 years I've sent "Happy New Years" cards. You know when I only had one child my cards were sent out the day after Thanksgiving. My how life changes as your family get larger.
Rob is out with the boys at the sledding hill. I need to get something accomplished while the house is peaceful.

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