Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Check out my new specs. Rob got dental and vision insurance that started in February. I was able to get new glasses, which was much needed. My old ones were about 3 years old. I was also able to get all the dental work I talked about here done last Friday. What a great way to spend my day off I know, but it is over. Luckily in the 2 years since my last dentist visit my teeth had not gotten any worse. I wasn't able to get the work done 2 years ago because Rob lost his job shortly after I got the great news about what needed done. I'm not sure exactly how much this is costing me, because their computer was done when I went on Friday. I just know it is not near the $800--because we have $50 deductible and then it is 80/20 on restorative procedures. Cleanings and x-rays are covered--2 times a year. God is good.

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