Sunday, March 23, 2008

This is Zach outside the Minnetrista Center. This is where we went for our fabulous "Grossology: The (impolite) science fo the Human Body" field trip. It was scheduled for a day that I couldn't get off of work, and Zach was distraught, then we had the ice storm, then the snow storm, school was delayed and the field trip rescheduled for a day that I was off. He was so thrilled. It was a fun field trip. I rode the bus with Zach, it was nice to spend a day with him. We had fun. It was quit an interesting day to say the least. I didn't get pictures of everything. There were some places I wish I'd taken pictures and didn't, but that is normal for me. Enjoy the next few pictures.


A Bishops Wife said...

This looks like a great trip. My boys would love that!

Robin said...

This actually looks like it was a lot of fun! I could not have strolled through a nose that would sneeze on me, though. EWW!

I'm so glad that God worked it out so you could go with your son.

Dana said...

Isn't that place a HOOT! We are going back this Saturday!
Wasn't the ice fun, too?LOL