Monday, January 23, 2006


First of all I typed this nice little speil on Friday, only to get booted off the internet, and then our provider was down the entire weekend. Oh well, just thought I'd share the little frustrations.

Let me start with my fun Zach story. I went to pick the boys up from school Thursday for a dentist appointment. As I was walking into Zach's classroom, his teacher is gently pushing my out the door with this big grin on her face, and I said "what did Zach do now?" She proceeds to tell me this story. Evidently one day in the week he was the star student, and that means you get the bean bag chair during reading time, and if you'd like you can share your seat, but you don't have to, and the others have to ask you first. Okay, simple enough. Well, Olivia asks Zach if she could sit with him, and he said "sure, if you give me a dollar" What does she do, gives the kid a dollar. WOW!!! Well, Olivia went home and told her grandparents, because they were babysitting for her while her mom was at work, they did not find much humor in the story. When they told her mom, she had the nice talk with Olivia about why they don't like her taking money to school, because she doesn't spend it wisely. Theresa (Olivia's mom) was in the class on Thursday. So, she shared the story with Mrs. Wine, who questioned Zach. He told her that he put the $$ back on Olivia's desk, because he knew it was wrong. Of course she never found the $. Now, I do not think that he brought it home, and he didn't have any new little things in his possession. Well, I said to Theresa, "so I hear that you daughter pays to sit with my son", and of course she found as much humor as I did. That I was thankful for. Evidently she told her parents that Zach was just adorable, and he was quick because he is the youngest of 3 boys. Okay, sorry I offend you by laughing about this story. I found it humorous.

Thursday evening we went to our usual Bible study. It was a great Bible study. It is so wonderful to get together as just talk about the Bible. We are very much enjoying the church we are attending, it is so Bible based. Lots of Bible learning. The boys go with us, and Brianna (the pastors daughter) watches them while we are in the study, they join us for the snack time. Well, Austin comes bounding in with a small deck of Mickey Mouse cards and says "who wants to play poker?" Wow, my kids are never ending excitement. Most people laughed, which made me feel better, but what do you do. Kids will keep you humble. They are great.

Last night at church we had 82 in our "His Kross" ministry. This church has taken over our bus ministry, which is much comfort to us. We picked up 62 in the bus. I got on the bus at 3:45 and we did not get back to the church until 6:30. Then it took from about 8 until 9:40 to drop them all off. Please pray that God will show the church what to do next with this ministry. They are very much feeling the need to minister to these kids, however, you can see the transportation is a bit of an issue. It amazes us that the kids keep coming back, which is very encouraging to us all, but we need to make some changes. I'll give you a little background about this ministry. At the church Rob (my husband) pastored, we ran a LARGE kids ministry, when we resigned one of our concerns was the children. This church was very willing, and READY, to pick up our children. They had a bus running already. The most incredible part of this story is that we resigned on Sunday and they started picking the children up the next Sunday. There was absolutely no laps in the ministry. Praise the Lord for that.

Enough of my ramblings. I thinks I'll start some laundry and take a walk before I endeavor the house cleaning of the day.


Karen said...

I love your stories about the boys...they're so funny and full of life! I really laughed at the Zach story...he's such a character! Hope we see you soon!

Love you...


Heather said...

Oh how funny :) I just love children...God bless you and yours.
In Him,