Friday, January 13, 2006

Crazy Thursday! Relaxing Friday.

First let me start with a serious praise report. Lyndsee Mills the baby that had a brain tumor. Well, she is doing well. She is done with her radiation treatments, and I talked to her mom on Wednesday, and she had just passed a swallow test the day before. Praise the Lord for that. Aimee (the mom), well, they were unbelievers before all this. WOW!!! She has such a wonderful understanding of the sovereignty of God. That was so encouraging to hear from her.

Okay, here is little tid bit of my Thursday. I worked all day (well 8 hours), and it was sooooo busy, no time for a break, or even to just sit a minute. One thing, it definitely makes the day go by fast. I got off work at 3, picked up the boys, and needed to run to the grocery. We have a small group Bible study meeting on Thursday evenings, and I needed to get a snack or something to take with. Of course I did not know what to take. Then I thought of rice krispies, you know the yummy ones that are peanut butter with chocolate & butterscotch on top. I decided this because I have a cabinet with about 10 bags of various chocolate chips, so I was sure I had everything I needed except the cereal. So I buy the cereal. I get home, trying to get 3 boys to do homework, and make this snack at the same time. Well, not enough Karo syrup, and of course none of the neighbors are home to borrow from, so my son rode his bike to buy me some. Then I thought well, while I wait for the karo, I'll at least measure the chips, guess what, I did not have either kind. UGH!!!!!! Jordan got back with the syrup just in time for me to go and pick up my husband from work. Then I needed to go to the other grocery store to buy the chips I needed. Okay, I finally got them made. They were delicious, and only 2 pieces left after the Bible study. I cooked a fancy meal of corn dogs (chosen by the boys) and then we had no ketchup or mustard. My husband was not happy about that. Oh well, we survived. Then off to shower and change before the Bible study. The Bible study was wonderful. The boys were well behaved all day. It over all was a good day. God helped me to remain calm with my "wild" children. That of course helped their attitudes. God is so good to us. I just sometimes forget to depend on him to help me with the boys.

Well, today the boys got out of school early. I was exhausted, so when I dropped them off, I came home balanced the check book and took a nap (2 1/2 hours). It sure helped with the day. Nothing in the house was done, but that can wait. I have to keep things in perspective. It is much better to be rested and able to be a "nice" mom, than have a spotless house and not be so nice. After school Zach got his new glasses. Perfect timing, since yesterday he bent his badly playing ball while we were in our Bible study. Rob and I took the boys to a movie tonight. Another good boy day. It is sure amazing what happens when you let God work through you, and don't have to be in control of everything. 2 days down, many more to go.

That is it for today.

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