Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Candlelight Dinner at RJ's Cafe!

This is Saturday evening. Jordan (the oldest) asked if he could cook dinner for us. I took him to the store Saturday afternoon, and let him decide what our meal would be. He made everything himself, set the table, cleaned up the mess from cooking, cleared the table, loaded the dishwasher, everything. He cleared the table so that he could serve his desert. What fun. He did a great job. We even ate by candlelight. The menu was: Ranch Burgers, Cheese filled smoked sausages (meat was cooked on the grill), hash brown casserole, corn casserole, cheesy broccoli, and cheesecake (w/blueberries if you wanted) for desert. It was a wonderful meal. He enjoyed himself so much. The boys loved eating by candlelight (even though they were in their jammies--or only half dressed). It was a great night. The boys ate like gentlemen, and used very good manners. I was proud of them. Some days, I wonder if they've learned any of the manners that they've been taught, evidently they have.

(okay, RJ--that is Robert Jordan--he named his restaraunt.) Posted by Picasa

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