Thursday, June 19, 2008

Meet Maggie!

Meet Maggie Mae, our new puppy. She joined our family last Friday. She was just too cute not to bring home. Rob works for the city, she was abandoned at the park, where he found her. The city dog catcher picked her up and hoped she'd be looked for. NOT!! She stayed at the dog kennel for a week, 2 weeks and then to the county shelter, and then who knows what next. Well, every night Rob would say "you really need to see this dog." Okay, I saw her, and she came home with us. I took her to the vet today to see if we could learn something about her. She is a Border Collie Mix, she is only 8-10 weeks old, based on her paws he thinks she will be 30-40 pounds. She is a very gentle dog. Very playful, as she is still very young. She is great with Austin and Zach. Angel, the first dog, is not too fond of her yet. However, each day is a little better than the day before for her. See, she has been the only pet, and very spoiled for the past 3+ years.
This picture is Angel wrapped in a blanket straight from the dryer. She is too funny, she hears the dryer beep, and follows us to see what we will do with the warm clothes. Maggie is lying next to her worn out from a day of play.
Ihave told my husband no more looking at the puppies at the kennel.

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Dana said...

Your new addition is just adorable! Sorry about Angel tho!LOL She is cute and too funny about teh dryer!
UGH on the car! I'm glad that you were safe and that it's taken care of now!