Sunday, February 03, 2008

Well, I haven't posted much. Not that nothing is going, I'd have to say it much to the opposite of that. This will hopefully be insightful, and short at the same time.

**Jenny and Dean are doing wonderful with their new found freedom in Christ. It is so exciting to talk to her on the phone. I have been able to talk to her about once a week for sometime. I left her to have her space, then she started emailing me, and then it went to phone conversations. It is so great to see what the Holy Spirit is doing in their lives. Please continue to lift them in your prayers, as the seek direction for their lives.

**My mom's surgery went well. It ended up being much worse than they expected, but they were able to repair the damage done. Evidently the gall bladder attached itself to her small bowel, and was causing problems with that and her liver. They removed the gall bladder, repaired the small bowel, and the liver. Things are improving each day. I'm so thankful that it didn't turn out like the this event.

**Work has been a little hectic. I had to let some one go about 2 weeks ago. I haven't had the best luck replacing her, therefore we've been working a little on the short staffed side of things. This isn't good when it is also a time of year for sickness. Then one of my other girls had her baby, so the week of the 14th-20 I worked all days except Sunday, and one of those days in particulare was extremely long. At any rate, we are now up to a decent staff level again. So things are starting to get better. Over all though, my job is fine. I really enjoy doing what I do. In fact, I'd have to say I love my job.

**Life at home is about the same. The boys are excelling in their studies. Reading levels are really high for their grades, math is the same. The boys have really adjusted to us both working full time, and having somewhat demanding jobs. Rob's job is great. He really enjoys his job also.

**We have been working through yet another theological issues. Sometimes we feel like we are going crazy, not really, but just a little. Why can't things just be plain and simple. We are definately still on a journey. Please pray for direction for us with this issue.

**I recieved a phone call from one of my long lost brothers. Yes, when I say long and lost that is exactly what I mean. I am not so sure that my husband has ever even met him, and we've been married 16+ years, dated for 2 before that. It was nice to hear from him. I miss my big brothers. My family has quit an interesting history, so please pray that I will not let my self be vunerable to things just for the sake of having a relationship with my brother. I don't exactly know how to express what I mean there.

**Well, I think I've spent enough time away from the boys, yet again. I must go for now.

I will leave you with this thought.

***The weight...people don't realize.
The weight of having to examine yourself all the time to see if you are measuring up to what Chirst calls you to is an even heavier law than Moses'. In American Evangelicalism this is sort of treated as if this is a great gift and encouraging. It isn't, it a form of law that if someone looks at it squarely the weight will cause them to go one way or another.
1.) I'm actually pulling this off. OR 2.) I'm niver going to pull this off. I'm not born again I guess.

This a quote from CFW Walter (hopefully I gave the correct credit.)

Just something to ponder.

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Heather said...

So glad you updated!! PTL for Jenny and Dean and their new walk! I am glad your mom got surgery when she did, as that could have been a real mess! Hang in there with work and take care of youself :)