Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Austin update

Austin went to the doctor last week. He is being referred to a child physciatrist in Indy through the Riley Children's hospital. I'm pretty glad about this. He is going to have a medication evaluation done. We couldn't get in until October. He will continue to go to this doctor/counselor for now. He is going to be taught some anger management skills. The doctor said that the reason for the "blackouts" and hitting his head on the wall and other things that he does while he is angry is because when you get angry your body produces adrenaline, and you have to release it somehow, that is all he can think to do. Therefore he is going to teach him some other ways to deal with it. We've tried, but you know how it is, sometimes it just needs to be coming from someone other than parents. Also, he said it sounds as if the medication he is on is wearing off in the afternoon. DUH!! I've been saying that for over a year.

He is doing better the last few days. I think alot of it has to do with the fact that Rob or I are with the boys constantly, so we can watch for the signs that he needs to be removed from the situation before it "explodes".

Please help us continue to pray for him. Thanks in advance.

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